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As an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia with more than twenty-five years’ experience, I provide comprehensive legal representation to individuals in DeKalb County, Fulton County and other counties in Metropolitan Atlanta.  Before starting my own firm, I have had the privilege to practice law with deeply-respected firms in Georgia as well as in Pennsylvania.  Over my years in practice, I have handled countless modest-sized matters of great importance to my clients through nationwide complex litigation for classes of individuals.  I have directed all aspects of wide-ranging litigation, arbitrations, mediation and negotiated resolutions. I have expertise in complex and single-faceted civil litigation coupled with valuable and effective negotiation skills.  

My mission is to give you detailed-oriented representation with an understanding of what your case means to you and your family.   It would be my privilege to counsel and represent you in court on matters ranging from small contract issues, employment concerns, personal injuries from accidents and more.  I will offer you the best representation in Georgia, or get you to my well-respected attorney colleagues who will.  Contact me for a free legal consultation. 

Martha J. Fessenden